5 Causes of Basement Water Leakage

Whether your basement has completely flooded, there’s a slow leak, or there’s just a mildewy smell in the air – any level of unwanted water in your basement is serious business and a cause for immediate concern. The following a 5 common reasons you may be experiencing water problems in your basement.

1. As the ground becomes saturated with rain, it puts pressure against the basement walls and floor. The rising water table then seeks cracks caused by the normal expansion and contraction of cement.

2. Your home’s builder installed exterior footer drains and applied a tar-like substance, parking, to meet local building codes and minimize water leakage. But, exterior footer drains malfunction forcing water under the footer.

3. Cement walls, poured or block, expand and contract causing the parking to dry and crack. Water can then flow through these cracks into mortar joints, filling the bottom course of blocks and causing them to lose their insulation value.

4. The basement walls and the footer are poured separately. Water seeks the crack between your footer and your walls – the most common source of water problems!

5. The deterioration of the parking and the porosity of the concrete, causes moisture to be drawn inside the basement, permitting the walls to sweat and bleed.


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