Crawl Space Encapsulations in Pittsburgh, PA
and surrounding areas

Don’t put up with a damp, nasty crawl space that smells bad! These conditions can cause mold to grow and wood to rot, resulting in structural damage as well as harmful airborne mold spores.

A Better Choice, Inc has pioneered the field of crawl space repair and encapsulation. We’ve developed and use exclusive products to transform any “problem” crawl space into a clean and healthy environment that’s an asset rather than a liability.

Servicing Western PA, Ohio, West Virginia and New York.

Encapsulate that nasty crawl space today!

Most definitely the ugliest and least healthy room in your home is the dreaded crawl space.

To clean it up, we begin with a custom water control system. We treat for mold, install a TPO membrane on the walls, floor and ceiling. Most importantly, a commercial grade Ventilation Machine is used to help control humidity, mold, mildew and noxious fumes.

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