Why replace your driveways or sidewalks when you can just level them?

We Have Solutions for Lifting, Raising and Leveling Sunken Concrete

Don’t replace your uneven concrete! We can lift and adjust concrete utilizing our exclusive patented Polyurethane Injection Process for half the cost of replacement.

A Better Choice, Inc. specializes in residential and commercial Concrete Leveling Services for concrete slabs, patios, pools, sidewalks, driveways, street, steps, foundations, garages, warehouses. Our goal at A Better Choice, Inc. is to save the existing concrete, as that is the most economical way to provide an even, safe surface.

We know that leveling a concrete slab before it’s too damaged ensures that the existing concrete will be around for many years to come. In addition to the cost savings vs concrete replacement, there is zero downtime associated with leveling existing concrete.

We can save you 50%-70% of replacement costs 

Don't replace it. Raise it!!

If you notice cracks in your concrete or that your concrete is not level, it’s better to take care of it sooner than later.

The longer you delay the necessary concrete repairs, the greater the:

  • Risk of greater expense
  • Risk of liability from trip injuries
  • Risk of the concrete becoming unrepairable
  • Risk of damage to other structures
  • Risk of water damage

We are experts in the following types
of concrete leveling:

Concrete Sidewalk
Repairs & Step Repair
Porch & Patio
Concrete Repair
Concrete Driveway
Repair Service
Concrete Pool Deck
Leveling & Repair
Garage Floor Repair
Concrete Basement
Floor Leveling
Industrial Concrete &
Warehouse Floor Repair
Concrete Floor Repair
Contractors for Office Floors

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