Exterior French Drain

French Drains For Both New Construction and Existing Homes

A traditional approach to home water protection is to install a French Drain. With new construction, the drain is installed after your home’s foundation is built, but before it is backfilled.

French drains are simply a water management system comprised of a perforated plastic pipe buried below the frost line and angled so that it captures water moving through the soil and directs it away from your home.

French Drains can be installed around existing homes too, and they can be serviced or renewed after they become clogged and less effective after many years of service.

Today, Interior French Drains are often shown to be less expensive and provide equal or superior results.

At A Better Choice Waterproofing, we’ve helped over 20,000 of our friends and neighbors in Southwestern Pennsylvania save their homes from the dangers of a wet basement, including structural damage, loss of possessions, and toxic mold.

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Ask Us About Advances in Home Waterproofing

We will be happy to install your exterior French drain, and with A Better Choice, you’ve selected one of the most experienced installers in PA.  However, you should know that exterior French drains are not the best option in certain circumstances.

As one of the most old-fashioned water management systems around, French drains often collect sediment and clog as they age. Even so, they may work well for years and years before failure.

Our goal is always to find the best solution for your home, and we have a variety of approaches and technologies to choose from.  That’s why you should always get more than one quote – get an evaluation of your waterproofing needs from the experts at A Better Choice Waterproofing.

It’s simple.  Our name says it all.  A Better Choice Waterproofing is the best choice to protect the value of your home or business. We’re reliable, affordable, and guaranteed to deliver the service you deserve.

Benefits of Working with A Better Choice Waterproofing

When it comes to dealing with water in your basement, how do you choose a reliable waterproofing company?  At A Better Choice, we’ve made it easy?
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