Exclusive – Fortress Stabilization

Basement Wall Repair with the
Fortress Stabilization System

Stronger than the Original Wall

Bowed walls and basement cracks lower the value of your home. They let in water and destabilize your foundation.

Over time, bowed and cracked walls can lead to collapse, resulting in enormously expensive repairs.

There is an answer. Where once costly steel beams and wall anchor systems were the only answer, today new technologies using carbon-Kevlar straps are both affordable and more durable than ever before.

Fortress Stabilization Systems

Carbon grid systems have become so popular in recent years that today 8 or more companies have released products to compete for your attention. Of them all, the Fortress Carbon-Kevlar Strap is demonstrably an industry leader.

Fortress is the first company to develop a top-of-wall anchor mechanically bolted to the rim joist for maximum strength, even in older homes.

Their bottom anchor is among the best in the industry. Fastened into the basement floor, the Fortress bottom anchor improves on the American Concrete Institute’s recommendations for anchoring carbon fiber straps.

In between top and bottom anchors lie the very best of carbon filaments manufactured today, using the polymer polyacrylonitrile (PAN) method. At the cutting edge of todays science, PAN creates the strongest fibers on earth. Four times stronger than steel!

In fact, Fortress Carbon Fiber has a tensile strength of 217,300 psi, compared to a mere 53,000 psi. for steel.

Carbon fiber straps are also the lowest profile wall repair solution you can buy. You can paint right over them!

License # PA-377. Servicing Western PA, Ohio, West Virginia, and New York.

Your Platinum Fortress Stabilization Dealer

At A Better Choice Waterproofing, we are experienced in the installation of Fortress Stabilization Systems. We have been chosen as only 1 of 17 Platinum Dealers in the US.

Fortress’s transferrable warranty provides for the replacement of defective components should a Fortress ICC-ES System fail from lateral loading or workmanship of material due to manufacturers defects. Fortress Stabilization Systems conditionally warrants the Fortress System for the lifetime of the foundation.

You can take extra confidence from the Fortress Stabilization System’s ICC Certification. An ICC-ES approved product can be immediately identified by any code official, home inspector, or bank appraiser as building code approved. A Fortress certified product will pass every building code inspection; we believe it’s the best system available both for your peace of mind now and if you ever decide to sell your home.

It is the only solution with: