Foundation Repair
When Selling or Buying a Home

Don’t Let Your Home Lose It’s Value!

Sinking Dollar House

Are you looking to sell your home? Even in a time of high market demand, a damaged foundation can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in value.

It is estimated that foundation damage lowers home value from 10% to 15%. On a $250,000 sale, that means you’re losing more than $25,000 because you haven’t dealt with cracks, bowed walls, water damage, or mold in the most structurally important area of your home.

It Can Get Worse.

  • If the damage is visible from the outside, loss of curb appeal can turn away potential offers before they are ever made.
  • Poor ventilation and lack of moisture control can lead to health issues – mold allergens, mildew, and radon can spread throughout the home, threatening your family’s health.
  • Foundation issues don’t stop or fix themselves. Over time, deteriorating conditions can cause sagging floors, cracked ceilings, damaged windows, leaning chimneys, and more.

Even when a buyer hears that a foundation has been repaired, it can damage their faith in the value of the home. Nevertheless, whether repaired or not, the seller has to disclose the problems to the buyer.

What Can You do to Ensure Maximum Value for Your Property?

Get those problems fixed by the best in the business, using the latest cutting-edge technologies with guarantees behind them. In Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties, call on A Better Choice Waterproofing, the Veteran Owned and Family Operated foundation repair experts you can count on.

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