Leaning Chimneys

Leaning Chimney | Foundation Repair or Structural Stabilization

A very common problem in residential construction is a leaning chimney. If your chimney looks like it is leaning away from your house – as if it was going to fall in your yard – you most likely have a foundation problem.

While there are many reasons a chimney can lean away from a house – the most common are:

  • uncompacted fill material (such as a chimney near a basement or deep crawlspace)
  • Shallow footings
  • Poor or unsuitable soils to handle a concentrated load
  • Poor drainage/water management

A Better Choice, Inc. is one of the only companies that can stabilize or restore a leaning chimney. Several methods can be used to support the falling or leaning chimney.

In many cases the chimney can be pushed back and lifted at the same time resulting in a much improved look.

If you have a chimney problem, give our office a call to schedule a free evaluation.

  • Hydraulic Push Piers
  • Stabilization of the Footer
  • Under Pinning
  • Complete Rebuilds